Who are we?

Biggest spices Importer In the west coast

Taurus Spice, Inc. is one of the biggest spices importers in the west coast. We have the biggest inventory for the dehydrated garlic, onion and various chilies. For spices re-packers, seasoning and ingredients companies, wholesalers for restaurant, we are the first and reliable choice of the vendor.

Located in West Covina, California, U.S.A., we partner with, and represent several leading growers and manufacturers of garlic and spice products in China, South-Eastern Asia and Africa as well.

With such strong supply support, we are able to meet or even exceed the high requirements of customers in terms of product quality, variety, quantity and delivery time. Our catalogue has not been added yet. However, your inquiry about us is only in fact that the product has been added to our catalog due to the inquiry of the customer.

Contact us

We maintain this website to provide our customers with extra convenient customer service. We will continue to gladly answer phone calls from our buying and inquiring customers. We recommend, though, that you use our website for your own benefits in many ways.

Thank you for coming here! We look forward to serving you again or starting serving you soon!

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