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So you want to place an order with us. We thank you for your business and will satisfy you with our high quality product and customer service.
If your company has a standard P.O. form to use for placing your orders, please fax it to us at 1-626-856-8888 or email it to us.
If you don’t have to use a specific standard form and want to place an order with us quickly, right here on this web page, you can use the order form below to place a quick order without having to do much typewriting, printing, and faxing. After completing the form based on your purchasing needs, you just click on the Submit button to send your order to us, and we receive it by email instantly!

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Want to request a line of credit? We’re happy to help you through our onboarding process. “Apply for Credit

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Want to taste the difference of locally-sourced, sustainable spices? Sign up today for free samples, shipped directly to you, on us.

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